Meet the man who built the world’s cheapest water filter (Nirnal) at Rs 30, Potential to impact millions of lives


Hailing from the Belgaum town in Karnataka, Niranjan Karagi took notes of incidents where kids drank water from a potentially unsafe water outlet. He mainly observed this while playing football.


While pursuing his engineering degree, he stumbled upon an important issue. Niranjan found that there was no water filter in the school, and kids drank water directly from the tap that was connected to an overhead tank. And he was shocked to know that the tank was not cleaned for more than a year. His first thought was to donate a filter to the school.

Project of NIRNAL

Niranjan Karagi and his brother Pradumn together started working on the water contamination problem. They developed multiple prototypes in 2016 and eventually developed the NIRNAL Water Filter.

Success Story of NIRNAL

Considering its huge social impact, it has gained immense popularity and received an unprecedented response. This filter is very user-friendly, and it consumes no electricity to operate. And unlike traditional water filters, it does not waste any water. It is also cheap and puts pet bottles to reuse.



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